Black Penny an idea;

Black Penny an idea;

When you’ve known someone since you were 5 who would hold your hand when you crossed the road to school, its impossible to process almost half a century later we’re setting up in business after working collaboratively for 7 years.

Lisa has worked in the industry all her life and when she wasn’t, she was lecturing and I’ve literally painted my entire life we are both creative thinkers and we definitely don’t do well in the 9-5 we’ve tried so hard to adapt and ‘fit in’ we’ve worked in many places and many jobs and career paths whilst associated with the creative arts they weren’t ‘doing the do’ so around the half century mark when we were both reaching burn out and our paths once again crossed we took that as a sign that really there was something bigger at play here.

Whilst we bring a lot of creative and practical energy and experience to the table Lisa was the catalyst, her original idea of translating my art to fabric was like a firework going off in my head, I was just about at the end of my creative rope back then and  sitting down with Lisa and discussing where we could take our idea, our work from our respective disciplines was so exciting we have not stopped. Since then, we’ve spent a great deal of time researching and learning and making sure what we have to offer is authentic, is truthful not just a fad its our voice, our baby it may have been percolating for a lifetime but sometimes you have to wait until the time is right?

We literally started this business on the flip of a coin a penny, why Black Penny? Because black traditionally is a ‘warding colour’ it brings safety and protection to the wearer from negativity its not complicated, our love and friendship has grown over the years and as we move to launch our tiny company we hope you will sense from our message, our product that we are real, we are authentic and quite possibly this has been almost a lifetime in the making we would love for you to join our Penny family and be with us as we move forward….

All our love Lisa and Mick.

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